Become a certified facilitator for impactful organizational change.

Administer the Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory (IDI) By Becoming a Certified Facilitator

From individual training to all-encompassing strategic overhauls, the Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory is a powerful multi-rater consulting tool on par with the Emotional Intelligence Assessment and the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. Choose which facilitator type describes you and learn what’s required for you to complete your facilitation training and become licensed in administering the IDI tool.

Which Facilitator Type Are You?

Independent consultants who utilize a behavioral approach to instilling organizational change can become a certified facilitator for IDI.

Practicing Consultant

Professional consultants with experience in utilizing a behavioral approach to assist organizations and their teams can grow their expertise by adding IDI to their toolkits. Apply to become a certified IDI facilitator today.

Administrators who undergo certified facilitator training with IDI provide more organizational value to their companies.


Administrators within companies and other institutions who want to bring the power of IDI to their organizations for training, development, team building, or other purposes can apply for an institutional license.

Independent users who become certified facilitators for IDI can learn more about their own interpersonal behaviors and the behaviors of others.

Independent User

Life coaches, therapists, sales consultants, and other individuals who are interested in learning new ways can help are also invited to apply to become a certified facilitator for IDI. Reach out for more information today

Certification Features & Benefits

IDI's certified facilitator support staff will help you with training and any questions you might have.

Unmatched Support

When IDI-certified consultants become licensed, they receive thorough training sessions, follow-ups on profile runs, and access to our support representatives through phone and email.

IDI's facilitation training includes valuable materials and resources.

Materials & Resources

Exclusive presentations, exercise books, technical reports, studies, sales materials, and an in-depth manual for every IDI profile are available by download for all certified facilitators.

IDI's certified facilitators enjoy quarterly and annual meetups in cities around the world.

Seminars & Meetups

Along with quarterly digital meetups, IDI facilitators are invited to an annual meetup to share insights and facilitation training use cases, engage in further training, and meet other facilitators.

IDI's marketing materials help certified facilitator consultants engage would-be participants.

Marketing Tools

IDI-certified facilitation consultants have access to sales and marketing materials that help communicate how the IDI tool works to measurably improve organizations.

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