Impactful leadership techniques for a strong team start with IDI.

How IDI Can Help Your Team

Even the most naturally strong team can benefit from taking a closer look at how its members’ inherent behaviors and tendencies—as well as how they communicate—can encourage or diminish the team’s overall growth. In fact, doing so can bolster your organization’s communication toolkit, forge stronger bonds, empower self-awareness, and realign focus for a more dynamic team.

The Benefits of Using IDI

Organizations that add IDI to their communication toolkit enjoy stronger teams that utilize effective leadership techniques.

Raised Awareness

IDI helps team members learn more about their interpersonal behavior and how others perceive those behaviors.

For an intuitive communication toolkit, IDI is a resource trusted by dozens of organizations.

Clear Communication

IDI assists team members across the board in better understanding and speaking the behavioral language of their teammates.

Teams that make IDI part of their communication toolkit report having renewed team focus and collaborative success.

Invigorated Focus

Just one IDI session can strengthen team bonds and realign comprehension of—and passion for—organizational goals.

The IDI tool educates teams on better leadership techniques and effective communication practices.

Leadership Building

IDI provides valuable interpersonal insights that add leadership value to executives, managers, and subordinates alike.

Whatever your role, IDI can help.

Executive Leadership

IDI helps new and long-time managers identify leadership techniques that cater to their interpersonal styles and to the needs of their team so they can bring the best out of their people.

Teams and Groups

Whether your team is in need of dedicated conflict management or a team building retreat to benefit employee relationships, facilitation through the IDI tool is a practical solution.


An organization that has a firm grasp on its team members' behavioral styles has a clearer path for catering to its peoples' motivations and needs, which leads to impactful organizational growth.

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